Flavoured Powders, bakeable

High quality, flavours and flavour extracts

Flavoured Powder, bakeable

Exclusive and delicious flavoured powders with the typical taste of nature. When we choose the rare ingredients for our bakeable flavours they have to allow very strong heat but also freezing temperatures without a change in taste occuring.



Classic flavoured powders which are bakeable and freezeable. Best for flavouring sponges, cakes, yeast doughs and batters. Exceptionally Handy!

The most part of the flavours are naturally (please see our detailed discribtion). These bakeable and freezeable products containing the needfully additives only. Without food colours and basically without additive labeling (EC-regulation).

Product N° Name Feature Dosage Mass Sugar Water Cream Basic Recipe Packaging
1300 Citro natur classic with a particularly rich flavour, natural 2 1000 Can
  • 2,5 kg
1341 Vanilla Bourbon Flavour a special vanilla touch of the highest quality with vanilla bean pieces 3-5 1000 Can
  • 2,5 kg
1343 Vanillin Sugar classic 5-10 1000 Carton
  • 5 kg
1338 Vanillin* very rich, pure vanillin 0,1-0,2 sugar: 1000 Can
  • 2,5 kg

* On Request